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The Sunstar Group has now fully adopted the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) as its basis of financial reporting for external stakeholders. In 2015 the Group changed the end of its fiscal year from March 31 to December 31. Due to this adjustment, the financial results for 2015 relate to a 9-month period, while prior year data shows 12-month results.

Consolidated net sales in fiscal year 2015 totaled 843 million Swiss Francs (CHF). This represents an increase of 4% over the prior year if adjusted for the different reporting periods and foreign exchange rate fluctuations. The Group achieved an operating income of 90 million Swiss Francs, which is an increase of 7% over the previous year.

Sunstar Group Global Gross Sales Trends (consolidated)

Net Sales by Segment (million CHF)

sales To exclude the influence of exchange rate fluctuations upon reported results, the consolidated net sales for all prior periods presented have been translated with the average exchange rates of 2015. Internal transactions of the Group are eliminated. FY11 to FY14 show financial periods of 12 months (April to March), while FY15 represents 9 months (April to December).

Sales by Area (in Local Currencies)

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