2022 is a very special year in the existence of our company. This year we celebrate the 90th birthday of Sunstar.

We celebrate together because it’s the people that make Sunstar.

We believe it is important to reflect on the past but also look ahead at the future. That is why we want you to join us in looking back at our long history, our rich heritage, and all the miles stones of achievements during this period. But also, we encourage you to keep constantly looking for ways to challenge ourselves. To look at our markets, our clients, and our products and find new ways to create, innovate and improve.

Because it is what we have always done, and it makes us feel 90 years young.

So, this year is not only our 90th birthday, this year is the start of the road to becoming a centennial company in 2032 when Sunstar will reach the respectable age of 100.

Join us in celebrating the start of the Road to the centennial company

Innovating for over 90 years

Our origins date back to 1932 as a manufacturer of bicycle parts and glue for repairing flat tires. By packaging toothpaste in the metal tube containers used for the glue, we expanded into the Oral Care sector and the rest is history.


Our philosophy and long term vision for 2032

We want to build a better tomorrow hand in hand with the communities we belong to, addressing the current and future challenges we all have to face as a society.

Our commitment