As one global team, Sunstar continues to create useful products for people to lead a fulfilling life

Sunstar was founded in 1932 as a manufacturer and vendor of bicycle parts and rubber glue for repairing flat tires. We later gained popularity by packaging toothpaste in the metal tube containers used for rubber glue — an innovation that helped make brushing more convenient. This grew into our Consumer Business, which currently comprises Oral Care and Health & Beauty.

The bicycle parts and rubber glue business evolved into today’s Industrial Business. This includes metal parts for motorcycles and automobiles, as well as adhesive agents and sealants for automobiles, construction, and electronics, contributing to safe and healthy mobility and living environments. Learn more at the Sunstar Engineering website.

In 1977 we established Sunstar Foundation in Osaka, Japan. Through health promotion, disease prevention and treatment, education activities and support of research, Sunstar Foundation contributes to the development of health, medical care and welfare at both local and international levels. Learn more at the Sunstar Foundation website.

From our headquarters in Switzerland, we collaborate across the globe; driving our Consumer and Industrial Businesses, which are based in Switzerland and Singapore respectively, and participate with Sunstar Foundation initiatives led from Japan. 

As we have done since the very beginning, we strive to provide innovative products and services to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality of life.