Strengthening the body’s own power to live a healthy & beautiful life

Unique skin care, hair care and healthy food products designed to engage the human body’s natural power and help people everywhere live healthier lives.

Consumer Health & Beauty

Helping people rebalance their lives

At Kenkodojo®, we believe balance and harmony are the foundation for a genuinely healthy life. A poor diet, the excessive stress from modern life, and the natural process of aging, can lead to an unbalanced life.

Based on the core practice of the Sunstar Holistic Health Center, Kenkodojo helps people follow a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Built on Japanese tradition and modern nutritional science, Kenkodojo’s health foods and beverages combine the power of green vegetables and brown rice with a holistic program of physical exercise and mental relaxation techniques to help rebalance the mind and body.

Enhances the beauty of the body and spirit

Under the banner of Beauté Holistique, i.e. beauty of the body and spirit, the Equitance® range delivers effective science combined with a holistic approach. Equitance works in two ways: externally on the skin and internally from within the body. Equitance Whitelogy products nurture beautiful, translucent skin that seems to glow from within, while Equitance Vitology Anti-Aging products maintain natural firmness in skin as it changes with age.

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