Sustaining a healthy body through a healthy mouth

Based on the belief that good oral health can promote the health of our bodies, Sunstar’s cutting-edge solutions enhance the whole body health. In partnership with dental and medical specialists, Sunstar continues to develop Oral Care products – for consumers and patients, from care to prevention.

Consumer Oral Care

Improving overall health through oral care

The link between oral health and overall wellness is central to GUM®’s approach to oral care. Our full line of products focuses on prevention, maintenance and treatment of your mouth, which in turn enhances your overall wellness. At GUM our mission is to help people everywhere live healthier lives through the improvement of their oral health.

Helping dental professionals and consumers improve oral health both chair-side and at home

Based on knowledge, research and close relationships with dental professionals, Butler® provides optimal oral care solutions to treat the needs of patients and improve their oral health during in-office treatments and through ongoing care at home.

Butler products are currently available in Japan, Europe and the U.S. Product availability varies depending on the market.

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Building social confidence through a healthy, beautiful smile

Ora2® supports modern women to live a lively and radiant lifestyle. Using the latest oral science and technology, Ora2’s special range of dental products not only keeps the mouth healthy, but also allows women to have confidence in their smiles.

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