Advanced sealing and air purifying solutions

Our goal is to support comfortable and healthy living spaces by providing non-polluting building materials and advanced indoor air purifying solutions.

Professional Living Environment

Advanced sealants for building safe, healthy spaces

Penguin construction materials help provide sound, healthy living environments in high-rise buildings and residential homes. Designed to support the shift from rigid to flexible structures and the proliferation of new construction methods, Penguin products respond to the needs of construction professionals. Penguin Indoor Seal was the world’s first interior sealant to mitigate “sick building” syndrome, suppressing all 13 chemicals designated as indoor pollutants by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

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Fresher air for a healthier you

In pursuit of a stress-free air environment that helps maintain wellbeing, we have developed the QAIS-air-01 for hospitals, nurseries, and other healthcare facilities. Equipped with TMiP, a next-generation photocatalytic deodorization and sterilization system, it quietly decomposes bacteria and viruses into water and carbon dioxide through a photocatalytic reaction, deodorizing unpleasant substances in the air and eliminating harmful organic compounds.

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