Cécile Rigal
Sr Brand Manager at Sunstar France
In the end, I’m happy to come here every morning, and I think it’s vital because, if you feel like part of the team, you work much better.
Cécile did a Master in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Paris Diderot (Paris 7) University and a Professional Master in Marketing at HEC Paris.

Evolution at Sunstar

Cécile started working at Sunstar in 2011 as a Jr Product Manager for GUM and Paroex drug, mainly for the chemicals part (medical devices, mouthwashes, toothpaste, etc). At the beginning of her career, she managed various ranges of different products and its specificities such as multiple regulatory constraints, marketing campaigns and product launches. Today, she’s still involved in looking after GUM products and Paroex, but she’s also taken over the role of Digital Manager for Sunstar France since the ACHIEVE project in Europe started in 2017. In the past two years, she’s combined the Product Manager role (recently promoted to Sr Brand Manager) with her digital hat, which has brought her new challenges in her daily job such as learning to develop herself in the digital environment and managing a team.

Life at Sunstar

Her biggest accomplishment is launching the french version of the site and what drives her every day at this moment is to keep improving the digital marketing results.

About Sunstar, she really values the excellent atmosphere in the french office as well as the opportunity to see and be part of all the processes which take place in a company. In her own words:

We are a small team so, besides marketing, you also need to think about regulatory and logistic factors, for example; when you manage a project, you always have to think globally. I really like to have a global picture and to work with different stakeholders to move the project forward

Linked to that, Cécile also cherishes the considerable teamwork that the digital transformation project involves and how working hand in hand with other European colleagues motivates her to give her best besides giving her the sense of belonging to an international company.

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