Davide Basso
Davide Basso

R&D at Sunstar Engineering Europe - Italian Branch

It’s very heartwarming to see something you had in your mind becoming a reality and seeing it tested and proven to work on a bike
Career background

Davide is an aeronautical engineer with over 10 years of experience in R&D teams

Davide is R&D Manager in the Sunstar Engineering Europe, Italian Branch. He has a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Life at Sunstar

Davide joined Sunstar in November 2017, and since then he has been in charge of the new product development for OEM, aftermarket and Race, under the BRAKING brand. He works in the automotive business and focuses mainly on motorbikes, bicycles and UTV. 

What attracted him most about Sunstar was to be able to continue designing while managing multiple projects as this is not common in his field. Normally, an R&D manager focuses on process optimization and gradually loses the designing bit of the job.

For Davide it is vital is to have great insights from the Marketing team and sales department as their inputs are precious to understand the market needs and work to meet them, revamping existing products or launching new ones.

What does he like the most about his job? Networking with teams and riders and working with them to improve Braking products is one of the highlights of his job. Davide also confesses that thanks to working with Braking he’s met some of the riders he admired when he was a teenager.

It’s very heartwarming to see something you had in your mind becoming a reality and seeing it tested and proven to work on a bike

Davide Basso

Working in a global team allows him to understand how the market needs vary from one country to another, and how this impacts on the design Sunstar needs to implement. As Davide points out, “in Japan they are mainly focused on quality and added value (extras) while in Europe, for example, our clients ask us to focus on comfort (NVH) and performance.”

Davide explains passion is always the first ingredient for Braking’s marketing campaigns as this business is not a primary necessity; people buy motorbikes primarily for passion and excitement. The team itself is passionate about the products they sell and develop: “every one of us rides motorbikes, bikes, we follow the races and it’s what keeps us up to speed with this fast-evolving market”

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