Gilles Pichon
Gerente de ventas en Dental Profesional en Sunstar Francia
What’s important to me? Working somewhere that’s positive, collaborative and motivating, within a human-scale company.
After graduating from business school, I started working at Sunstar as a Dental Representative in 1995. Five years later, I specialized in chairside surgical products, and then became the Area Manager. Since 2006, I have been in charge of the national professional sales force as Country Sales Manager.

Current work

Currently, my mission is to increase the number of prescriptions and sales of our PAROEX®, GUM® and GUIDOR® product lines. I maintain a strong relationship with leading practitioners and am grateful for the work the sales team puts into targeting dentists and dental professionals at the congresses we participate in.

Working at Sunstar

I have an exciting job with a supportive team, working with high-end products. Getting recognition both internally and by the professional world is essential for daily progress. Sunstar has achieved this with a positive atmosphere and by becoming a must in France’s dental sector.

Future goals

I am proud of how I have improved the way sales representatives work. They are recognized for their professionalism and ambitious mindset, and we keep a positive morale. However, we must continue to adapt to the constant changes in the profession and to increasing regulatory constraints. Establishing our brands in the minds of dental professionals and offices is a considerable challenge that requires time. I want to continue collaborating with European colleagues to establish a stronger GUIDOR brand and work on other future projects together.

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