Hu Jie
Marketing Manager in the Retail Business Group at Sunstar China
Sunstar provides me with plenty of opportunities to expand my skills into new areas, in a supportive environment.
Before Sunstar I worked as a Marketing Planner with an electrical manufacturer. I was responsible for the management of marketing agents and public relation companies, participation in exhibitions, and advertising. I saw the potential growth in the Chinese consumer goods industry and was eager for a marketing role in that field. Sunstar’s position as a key player in the industry attracted me.

Current work

My primary responsibility is the marketing and advertising of oral care brands such as Ora2® and GUM®. I joined Sunstar just after Ora2 entered the Chinese market. At that time, a large part of my work consisted of store visits and in-store promotional activities. Today, we are focusing more on advertisements. I am currently directing the overall branding, oversee advertisement content and manage how we promote our products on the web.

Working at Sunstar

Working in the Marketing Department requires smooth coordination both inside and outside the company. I liaise with internal production, logistics and sales departments, and with external advertising agencies as well as media production and design companies. Despite such a workload, this environment is filled with challenges I enjoy. I am always inspired by the dynamism of the market to work out new proposals, instead of repeating daily routines. When I joined the company, Ora2 had a low profile in China, but now it is one of the most popular Japanese brands there. This invaluable experience has taught me the importance of brand development and built up my business confidence.

Future goals

Since joining Sunstar in February 2009, I have experienced the launch of our e-Commerce business from scratch. I raised the profile of Sunstar’s brands by planning promotional activities based on the consumer data we had gathered and analyzed. Moving forward, I want to further develop our e-Commerce business using the potential of social media.

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