Laura Borsari
Managing Director at Sunstar Engineering Italy
Sunstar allows you to learn and grow, trusting each person immensely. You’re free to aim higher and achieve more.
I've been working in the motorcycle industry for almost twenty years and joined Sunstar in 2000. My job evolved from the Accounting Manager at our German branch into International Sales Manager, working with forty distributors all over the world.

Current work

I work as the Managing Director for Sunstar’s European motorcycle division. Our strategy is to expand from just the motorcycle industry into the bicycle segment too. We are also focusing on OEM and other potential markets. Presently, we sponsor eighteen motorbike racing riders and teams globally and have won over one hundred world titles so far. Our R&D department is currently working on twelve projects, trying to keep us ahead of our competitors and lead the market.

Working at Sunstar

Running the European motorcycle division is a daily challenge, and mostly a positive one. It provides a great sense of achievement to me personally, and above all to the whole team who work hard every day to accomplish goals. We are trying to tap into the new bicycle market and are making progress through the cooperation of everyone working together as one team. I am very grateful to each person for what we have accomplished so far. I feel very fulfilled and highly rewarded for my engagement.

Future goals

Our challenge is to keep meeting our targets in the next couple of years. I would like us to grow immensely in the bicycle market and I want to sign a big OEM customer.

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