Ryugo Shinmura
Ryugo Shinmura

Researcher in Living & Environment at Sunstar Engineering USA

Sunstar provides us with opportunities to try things that we want to do.
Career background

I wanted to be a successful researcher both in Japan and abroad, so I looked for companies with opportunities to work overseas. I was attracted to Sunstar because the technologies we develop are essential in supporting the daily lives of people around the world, such as in buildings and transportation. Since joining in 2015, I have worked on improving the performance of existing products, established evaluation techniques, and developed new products.

Current work

I am currently developing architectural sealants and primers. For example, materials for outer-wall joints of high-rise buildings require great durability, because the joint size can vary considerably according to changes in the atmospheric temperature. The development of such a highly durable product is a hard task, but I am proud of being involved in the project. This year, I am also serving as a mentor, training my junior colleagues through R&D tasks and technical discussions.

Working at Sunstar

We often face various challenges such as technical problems and budget requirements before we have completed a product. However, I feel highly fulfilled as a researcher when I can solve problems with my own ideas and when my solution is accepted as a new technique. It is a real pleasure and I feel extremely rewarded when our customers are pleased with my products, or when they praise their user-friendliness.

Future goals

Through my daily R&D tasks, I strive to improve my techniques and the knowledge necessary for product development. In the future, I want to work on products for a wide range of building structures both at home and abroad, by using the techniques I have established.

Ready to make a difference?

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