Shushi Fukae
Shushi Fukae

Engineer at Sunstar Engineering Japan

I want to be involved in initiatives where I can enjoy a sense of accomplishment as a team
Career background

Shushi has a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Shushi belongs to the Production Technology team at the Shiga plant in Japan.  Shushi has always liked making things, and his major at university was mechanical engineering. He wanted a job that involved automobiles and vehicles and found a vacancy at Sunstar Engineering. When he first joined the company, Shushi was responsible for the development of metal components for motorcycles. Then he evolved to be in charge of mould design for new internal projects and was mainly responsible for parts developed for new fields, such as automobiles and electric vehicles, in addition to motorcycles.

From these experiences, he got into the role of information bridge between Research and Engineering as the point of contact when the new manufacturing processes for the QAIS-air-01 of the E-Science Business Division at the Shiga Plant were being created. The increase in connections with other departments all at once allowed him to seek cooperation from various people in other departments, and he was happy that it felt like we were “One Team” that had not existed previously.

Shushi with the QAIS-air-01

Life at Sunstar

Going forward, Shushi wants to be involved in initiatives where he can enjoy a sense of accomplishment as a team too. He strongly believes having some personal time is important for being able to do better work since he thinks that the stimulation you get from carving out some private time when you are busy raises the quality level of work. He wants to try new things both at work and in his free time.

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