Supinda Watcharotone
Senior R&D Engineer at Sunstar Americas
Sunstar is supportive of me in gaining new skills and expanding my expertise, which speak volumes about how much Sunstar values its employee’s growth.
I am an academic scientist turned engineer who researches and develops new products. I worked as a national lab’s scientist researching nanomaterials prior to joining Sunstar. I have a PhD and MS from Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA, in Mechanical Engineering with the Materials Science focus, and a bachelor's degree in Physics. I joined Sunstar in 2015 when I started utilizing my interdisciplinary academic experience to bring ideas to the commercialization of a wide range of world-class dental products. and nanomaterials

Current work

My current work involves generating new ideas, researching, engineering and developing new and next-generation products, ensuring they are of the highest quality. I work with the production department as well as our international manufacturers to transform ideas to prototypes. In my research work, I evaluate the feasibility of new products, which often requires new analytical test methods. I work with my team to develop new test methods, validate and subsequently expand our R&D lab capabilities. I manage a series of projects ranging from new concept and product development, existing product improvements, in vitro studies and clinical studies. Since my new role as Senior Engineer in 2018, I also generate development roadmaps, lead new technology initiatives and oversee all projects my team is working on.

Working at Sunstar

My colleagues and managers are an integral part of my accomplishments. Together, we successfully launched new products which in turn received multiple awards globally for innovation, high quality and consumer satisfaction. My managers foster an independent work environment, which allows me to think creatively, leading to several productive outcomes such as new patent filings, publications in scientific journals, conference presentations, research collaborations with the academic community. I set high standards for my work, which I believe is the key to success in developing high quality products.

Future goals

I look forward to continuing an effort to develop successful products and advance an oral health-related quality of life. I am driven to further contribute to the success for the company, enabling Sunstar to thrive in the future.

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