Yuko Kusafuka
Yuko Kusafuka

Packaging Engineer at Sunstar Japan

The culture is open and without barriers; everyone listens to me earnestly and gives appropriate advice.
Career background

I majored in agricultural engineering at university. Being in the laboratory with many overseas students, I had plenty of opportunities to communicate in a foreign language. I experienced different cultures and diversity through everyday life and events. This experience made me want to work for a global company, and in 2014 I joined Sunstar. I was attracted because we not only manufacture products, but also develop the packaging in-house.

Current work

Our mission is to provide consumers with products in safe, user-friendly and well-designed packages. When developing designs, we make full use of the techniques and creativity we have as a team. We then examine sample packages to determine whether they meet the criteria of over thirty quality evaluation points such as their strength and ability to protect from damage. At the production site, we also have to check if machines are able to conform to the new designs.

Working at Sunstar

I am involved in the whole product launch process. Seeing an idea gradually develop into a product always thrills me. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing finished products lined up in stores after commercialization. Repeat discussions and trials to enhance the company’s techniques also fulfill me because I believe this process can directly contribute to producing high-quality products for consumers.

Future goals

I want to develop a new package that will surprise and satisfy consumers worldwide. As Sunstar expands globally, I need to gather technical information from abroad, research into diverse cultures and habits rooted in people’s daily lives and improve my communication skills. I will make full use of the opportunities at Sunstar to attain my goals.

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