Supinda Watcharotone

Supinda Watcharotone

R&D Engineer at Sunstar Americas

Sunstar supports me in gaining new skills and expanding my expertise not only in dental science but also in other fields related to my job.

Career background

I received my Bachelor's Degree in physics in Bangkok, Thailand. I then completed my MS and PhD degrees in mechanical engineering in Evanston, IL, USA. I joined Sunstar in 2015 as an R&D Engineer, where I utilized my experience in polymers and nanomaterials to industrialize commercial products in water filtration and sensor applications.

Current work

My current work involves researching, engineering and developing new and next-generation products, ensuring they are of the highest quality. In my research work, I evaluate the feasibility of new products, which often requires new analytical techniques. My responsibilities include researching new materials, methods and facilities and sometimes introducing new testing capabilities to the lab. I also work with our international manufacturing suppliers to perfect products and optimize processes.

Working at Sunstar

My colleagues and supervisors are supportive and an integral part of my accomplishments. I have been involved in several projects that have had technical setbacks. With one such project, the innovation I introduced led to superiority over others in the market. I set high standards for my work, which I believe is the key to success in engineering high quality products.

Future goals

I look forward to taking on more responsibilities and am excited to contribute to the success of new products. I want to continue to bring new technology to our R&D sector to advance oral health-related quality of life.

Ready to make a difference?

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