June 2018

The Perio Link Night: raising awareness about oral health and sports performance relationship

The Perio Link Night, an event organized by The Sunstar Foundation, has addressed a crucial topic: poor oral health in athletes has a negative impact on their sports performance.

This and other powerful facts were stated during the event organized by the Sunstar Foundation to discuss how poor oral health is related with lower sports performance in elite athletes. This event was organised in conjunction with EuroPerio9, the European Congress of Periodontology, that takes place every three years and which was celebrated from 20 to 23rd June in Amsterdam.

 Half of the athletes need to take extra care of their oral health according to the speakers of the Perio Link Night: Dr. Ian Needleman, Professor of Periodontology and Evidence-Informed Healthcare at University College London; Dr Mike Loosemore, Chief Medical Office to the British Olympic Boxing team and at the 2018 Winter Olympics, and Dr. Marzia Massignani, Senior Manager of Scientific Affairs in Sunstar.  Over 120 KOLs attended our event and agreed on raising the awareness of this relationship not only to elite athletes but also to the general population since more and more people are getting engaged with sports lately.

the perio link

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