Company Structure

As one global team, Sunstar continues to create useful products for people to lead a fulfilling life

The Sunstar Group is governed by the holding company Sunstar SA in Etoy, Switzerland. Overseeing the governance and management functions group-wide, the Headquarters manage the global operations of R&D, Marketing, Production, and Sales for each of the Oral Care Company, Health & Beauty Company, and SE Company (responsible for the business of motorcycle parts and adhesives and sealants).

company structure

  • Oral Care

    Based on the concept of “Mouth and Body”, we offer products and services that contribute to the health of the whole body through oral care.

  • Health & Beauty

    Through health foods and skin-care, our products and services contribute to the health and beauty of consumers.

  • Safety & Environment

    Together with adhesives, seal-ants, and motorcycle parts, we provide products and services that contribute to safety and the environment.