Interview with the Representative

Responding to the rapidly changing world to become a global company supporting people’s health

Sunstar Group Representative
Yoshihiro Kaneda

Regardless of how much the world changes, our devotion to improving the health of our customers will never change.

our devotion to improve the health of our customers around the world will never change

First founded in Japan, Sunstar has evolved into a global company with its headquarters located by Lake Geneva in Etoy, Switzerland. We have offices in 18 countries to supply our products and services to over 90 countries across the globe. Given the uncertainties in the world today, we at Sunstar put more importance than ever on open communication beyond borders to bring forth our consolidated strength.

For our products and services to be sought-after in every corner of the world, we base our actions on the founding fathers’ beliefs that are reflected in the Corporate Motto, Fundamental Management Principles, and Guiding Principles for Employees. Sunstar treasures these values. While their underlying philosophy originated in Japan, we believe in their universality and share them with our employees everywhere.

Sunstar is committed to the health of our consumers as promised in our Corporate Motto: “Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality-of-life.” This Motto is the solid pillar of our philosophy no matter how the world may change. In the age of rising artificial intelligence (AI), we believe that it is still up to us humans to listen to our customers and search for solutions using the latest research. Sunstar is undergoing a major transformation right now. We are eagerly taking on a variety of challenges to keep up with new changes.

We incorporate current approaches to fulfill our customers’ diverse needs.

We have always cherished close interactions with our customers, as well as medical and dental specialists and key opinion leaders. For about 30 years, our product development team has been in touch with these stakeholders on a daily basis to come up with solutions for their contemporary needs. Sunstar has always understood them and our role as a solution provider when carrying out product research and development.

Sunstar has created products that support our holistic health care concept: oral care, skin care, and hair care products, functional foods and drinks suitable for diabetics and for health and beauty promotion. To contribute to a healthier living environment, we also provide products and services for construction and transportation such as sealants, adhesives, and motorcycle parts.

we also make sealants and adhesives, motorcycle parts, and services

Behind product manufacturing lies Sunstar’s artisan mentality of taking quality and technology very seriously. In recent years, we have been incorporating new technologies such as AI and IoT with our craftsmanship to fulfill various customer needs.

All of our products and services are based on scientific evidence. This is why we put much emphasis on research and development. We were one of the first companies in the industry to recognize the interrelationship of oral health and the health of the whole body. For over 20 years, we have been collaborating with world-renowned researchers to raise awareness of such effects as seen in periodontal disease on diabetes, and to find ways to prevent lifestyle-related diseases through oral health.

AI and microbiome to make people and their society healthy in our unique way

As the aging population grows worldwide, the mouth and body health approach will be increasingly relevant. In addition to dentists and dental hygienists, we also partner with nutritionists and physicians, as well as academics in universities and research institutes. We are pursuing an approach unique to Sunstar which will keep people and society healthy through the application of various technologies such as IoT, AI, and microbiome.

Sunstar is a collection of people who find meaning in serving customers and their health.

Sunstar employees are required to have the ability to fuse tradition and innovation, and the flexibility to localize our products and services for different regions of the world.

Employees work true to the Guiding Principles for Employees. Under the slogan “One Sunstar,” we urge all team members to communicate with each other to envision the mid- to long-term goals of our Company. To encourage this discourse, I discuss our business challenges with employees and hold study sessions on quality management. We also launched the Global Four Awards, nomination-based award program, to recognize those who made great achievements in line with our philosophy. We are trying our best to work as one global team.

Our team works towards shared goals and finds value in listening to our customers and responding to their needs. I want each one of us to be a proud representative of the Company and act with integrity to meet the expectations of our customers. My role is to provide each one of our employees the drive and courage necessary, and to make Sunstar a gratifying and fulfilling place to work.

By fostering the development of our 4,000 employees to reach their full potential, I believe we will be able to make meaningful contributions in societies around the world.