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A series led by experts and dedicated to health professionals

After the success of SUNSTAR CONVERSATIONS: healthy thinking series in 2020, we wanted to continue focusing on online education and expert knowledge sharing in 2021. That is how the concept of the SUNSTAR CONVERSATIONS PRO webinars was born: led by experts and dedicated to health professionals.      

In line with the holistic philosophy of SUNSTAR, we decided to focus this series on the different mouth caring requirements throughout the lifespan and the conditions that may occur.

Each webinar will be dedicated to one specific life stage, from pregnancy to childhood, adulthood and finally the ageing period, and will involve two health experts who will share their experience and discuss their opinion on the specific topic.

SUNSTAR CONVERSATIONS PRO will take place every month until October and will end up with a special session about oral care tips for healthcare professionals. The month of November will be dedicated to a series about the relationships between oral health oral health and systemic health.

After the live stream, all the webinars will be available on our Sunstar Global YouTube channel.

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Oral Frailty in the Aging Population: the importance to retain your own teeth.

In many parts of the world, life expectancy is increasing. As a result, more patients are depending on long-term care. Part of these patients are nursing home residents, but the majority are home-care recipients. In both cases, they largely depend on caregivers. But often, this concerns relatives without any form of training. As a result, oral health may often be neglected by caregivers, mostly because of the lack of awareness, knowledge, and resources.

During this webinar you will learn with our experts, Dr. Larisa Musić and Prof. dr. Falk Schwendicke, what can you do as an oral care professional to support caregivers ensuring these patients receive the best possible oral care.

When: October 7th, 2021 at 3:30pm CEST (registration required)

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