Environmental Report

Sunstar’s fundamental stance on addressing environmental issues in its business activities

  1. Like the two faces of a coin, the pursuit of wealth and the mass consumption of finite resources are difficult to separate. While grateful for the science and technology that have brought us material wealth, we believe a process is required to separate these two faces if we are to create a better future.
  2. The future will one day be reality. That same logic must now be applied to the environment. Many aspects of daily life today existed only in the imagination 50 years ago but came about due to technological innovation, social systems and the strong will of people who supported them. Reducing the environmental impact requires the same commitment.
  3. The Sunstar Group wishes for the people of the world to live in good health and peace. Together with customers, business partners and employees, we will grapple with the various challenges surfacing through the global environment and see to it that we fully harness the innovations of sustainability at our disposal.

Environmental Management

Development of Eco-friendly Products

Biodiversity Conservation

Climate Action

Resource Circulation and Waste Reduction

Environmental Data

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