Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision and SDGs

Sunstar Group Long-Term Vision

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Sunstar is a company that contributes to enhancing healthy life expectancy and quality of life (QOL), starting from good oral health to preventive medicine and holistic wellness.
It is important for us to be recognized as the most trustworthy company in the world, providing total support for people to live a healthy and comfortable life in all living environments including mobility and buildings.

To become what we want to be, we will focus on the following aspects to address challenges our society is facing.


The company will establish good partnerships with customers as well as local residents, experts in relevant fields, and suppliers by increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing. It will also make cooperative efforts with them to solve social issues.

Human Resources

The company will strive to be recognized as one of the companies with the highest employee happiness index in the world by encouraging learning from others, respecting and promoting diversity and inclusion, and offering both mentally and physically healthy workplaces around the world.


The company will construct business models that will minimize the environmental impact of products throughout their life cycle and maximize the use of limited resources so that the global environment can be sustained.

Management Platform

The company will solidify a strong management platform as one of the most dependable companies in the world by establishing clear policies and plans for compliance and risk management, and by developing strong corporate structures and strategies to ensure long-term corporate value enhancement.

We are contributing to the achievement of United Nations’ SDGs through activities, realizing the Sunstar Group’s Long-Term Vision.


Sunstar’s SDGs Key Goals

We will provide products and services that will help people live healthier lives, from the promotion of oral and overall health to improving the living environments of people all around the world.

We will work to make living environments more secure and comfortable, with regards to mobility and buildings.

We will work to prevent, reduce, and reuse waste products through the entire life cycle of our products—from procurement to manufacturing, logistics, sales, and even after consumer use.