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What causes the 'summer lethargy'?


We’re now entering full-scale summer season this year. Do you ever experience any summer lethargy?

Summer lethargy entails loss of appetite, languor, headache, dizziness, etc. Many people believe that it’s only caused by « physical fatigue », which is the accumulation of bodily fatigue due to exposure to the harsh summer environment of increasing temperature and ultraviolet rays.

However, in addition to physical fatigue, disturbance of the autonomic nervous system and malnutrition are also major causes of summer lethargy. Summer lethargy can worsen when your autonomic nervous system becomes unbalanced due to insomnia from sleep discomfort, indoor-outdoor temperature differences, etc., as well as when you are malnourished from dehydration and loss of appetite.

When these factors start compounding, you can fall into the « vicious cycle of summer lethargy », which entails worsening physical condition.

The key to preventing summer lethargy is nutritional supplementation – key items to consume

What can we do about summer lethargy?
Should we just sleep? That’s also a correct answer, as a tired body requires rest.

In addition to recovery from fatigue by ensuring proper sleep and rest, sufficient nutritional supplementation is also important in resolving summer lethargy. In most cases, a body affected by summer lethargy is like a car without petrol. You need to replenish your energy immediately.

A well-balanced nutritional intake is important. Primarily focus on carbohydrates and proteins, which are energy sources, and B vitamins, which convert carbohydrates into energy.