The second edition of the Karring-Nyman Sunstar Guidor Award is presented


During the 96th exhibition of the International Association for Dental Research, the Karring-Nyman Sunstar Guidor Award has been given. This years’ winner is Siddhart Shanbhag, Department of Clinical Dentistry, Centre for Clinical Dental Research, University of Bergen, Norway, for the project: “Three‐dimensional cultures of periodontal progenitor cells for tissue engineering applications”.

This award started in 2017 to recognise the best research project proposals in the oral tissue regeneration field. 10,000 Euro award is granted to a doctoral student or post-doctoral scientist (who must be within 24 months of successful completion of a Ph.D. at the time of the submission deadline) to pursue research within the field of oral tissue regeneration.

The award is sponsored by the Sunstar Foundation and awarded by the Periodontal Research Group (PRG) of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR). Deadline for 2019 submission is 31st December 2018 (for more info please visit:

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