Oral Health & Wellbeing Awareness Survey​

Global Healthy Thinking Report

The largest worldwide consumer awareness oral health and general wellbeing survey, commissioned to investigate globally the condition of teeth, knowledge of oral health, air quality, health and wellbeing, as well as attitudes and preferences when it comes to healthcare. ​


Oral Health Report

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Health & Wellbeing Report​

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18-65 yrs

Men and women

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Equal numbers of men and women aged 18 to 65 in countries across Europe, Asia and North and South America were asked for their views on oral health issues including their dental care routine. The answers provided by the 15,000 respondents to questions on dental habits paint a detailed and fascinating picture.

Countries surveyed

Countries surveyed

UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, US, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia

We questioned consumers on

Condition of their teeth
How they describe their oral health
How they look after their teeth/bad habits
When they skip brushing their teeth
Where they go for advice on keeping teeth healthy
How people would like to improve their smile
What if any DIY dental treatments adults have attempted at home
How the pandemic has affected overall oral health
Whether they think their dental practice could help with other health checks
Whether their communication habits have changed in the pandemic
Perception of the air quality outside their home
Perception of the air quality within their home
Factors they see as having the biggest impact on their perception of the air quality at home
The effect they feel poor indoor air quality has on them
The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their awareness of the air quality in their home
Any new actions they have started undertaking to improve their indoor air quality
How they rate their general physical and mental wellbeing
Whether they have made any recent dietary or wellbeing changes
Practices they undertake for their wellbeing
Whether they have done anything to boost their immunity to Covid-19 and/or general health
The modern technology they think will be regularly used to help improve people's mental health by 2030
How they look after their facial skin

Key Findings

The results give an indepth picture of the state of much of the world’s oral health, our habits, concerns and desires as well as a multi-layered​ illustration of perceptions around air quality, health and wellbeing this unprecedented period.​


Brushing teeth twice a day

63% of Britons brush teeth twice a day and have the highest figure globally for brushing with fluoride toothpaste, 47%.

Regularly visiting the Dentist

Germany scored the highest for regularly visiting the Dentist with 45% of people going twice a year.

The sweetest tooth and most fillings

Just 7% of Japanese avoid sugary snacks and drinks – the lowest worldwide and the Japanese also report the most fillings – over two-thirds had at least one filling and 20% had five or more.

Remembering to brush teeth

33% of Italians, Argentinians, Britons said they never forget to brush their teeth, followed by 32% of Spaniards.

Cleaning between teeth

52% of Brazilians clean between their teeth regularly, on the contrary, Indonesians are the worst at cleaning between their teeth at just 12%, followed by France, 16%.

Taking dental advice from a dentist

81% of Mexicans take dental advice from their dentist – the highest worldwide. Just 3% say they do not seek any dental advice.

Air quality outside the home

22% of US respondents perceive their air quality as excellent (5 rating) outside their home and just 2% consider it poor (1 rating). Still, 39% of US respondents don’t know how to rate air quality in the street.

Air quality within the home

34% of Mexicans and Brazilians perceive the indoor air quality within their homes as excellent.

Stressed by poor indoor air quality

People in Argentina and Japan feel more stressed, 41%, followed by Mexicans, 40%.

Indoor air quality awareness due to Covid-19

Indonesians, Argentinians and Mexicans are the most aware of the air quality within their homes, 55%.

Feeling physically unhealthy compared to pre-pandemic

25% of Italians feel physically unhealthier after Covid-19 pandemic.

Increasing exercise in recent months

47% of chinese respondents are exercising more in the recent months.

Adopting a healthier diet in recent months

51% of Indonesians, 46% of Chinese, 42% of Thai and 41% of Mexicans are eating healthier now.

Lowering stress to boost immunity and general health

The UK, 19%, Japan and The Netherlands, 22%, have the lowest rate of population attempting to lower their stress levels.

If you could have one new dental treatment to improve your smile what would it be?

Tooth whitening was by far the most popular option worldwide if people were to choose one treatment to improve their smile – 47% of Italians, Mexicans and Spanish chose this, closely followed by 46% of Chinese.


Healthcare in the pandemic​

Our survey discovered that the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on lifestyle and oral hygiene habits around the world.

Which countries are taking better care of their health since the pandemic

45% of Indonesians are now cleaning their teeth more regularly since the pandemic.

47% of Chinese respondents are exercising more in the last six months.

Which countries have seen the worst health impact during the pandemic?

Argentinians have missed the most dental appointments — 44%

  • Japan has missed the least — 12%
  • France has missed the least within Europe — 21%

"Mask breath" is the most common in Thailand — 33%

  • It is the least common in the UK — 12%

25% of Americans have experienced more tooth sensitivity

  • Only 6% of people in Japan say the same

Only 11% of Thai respondents haven’t noticed changes

  • 47% of Japanese respondents say they haven’t noticed changes
1 in 10 Brits have fractured a tooth, and 1 in 3 have missed dental appointments

Which countries feel mentally unhealthier since Covid-19?

  • Top 3 countries that feel mentally unhealthier after the Covid-19 break-out: Italy, 39%, Brazil, 37%, Britons, 34%.

Download the full 53 page report to see the big picture of global oral health care in 2021