How to cope with stress during self-isolation?

April 16, 2020

Currently, one third of the world is practicing self-isolation. The level of restriction varies depending on each country, but people working from home and children not going to school is shared across the globe. This is a difficult and challenging situation at all levels; we have never faced something like this before, it is an international health crisis, and we are not sure about how this will evolve in the future. As a result, anxieties, doubt, fear and other sentiments might be affecting you or your loved ones during these days. According to the experts of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, other changes such as difficulty in sleeping or concentrating, or modification of eating patterns can also appear. Accepting these feelings and learning how to manage them as well as helping each other seem the best way to approach this uncertain period.

So, what can we do to cope with the Covid19 outbreak? As the World Health Organization recommends, the essential thing to do is to follow a healthy lifestyle. Now more than ever, taking care of ourselves holistically to be healthy in body and mind is a must to overcome this situation.

Maintaining proper oral health routine: keeping up with your oral care routine is extremely important in this period too. Especially in times like these – during which physical relationship is not allowed – many people might think oral care can be opt-out. Nothing could be further from the truth. Keeping a healthy mouth will help you prevent from other issues to occur, concerning both your oral cavity and general health. Friendly reminder that your oral health is directly linked to your total well-being. On top of that, sticking to your usual buccal hygiene routine can also bring some sense of normality into your life.

Practice social distancing, not social isolation: refraining from social life might also affect you. In this case, the experts recommend trusting your close ones. Check-in with family, friends, colleagues or even neighbors. Remember, more than half of the world is going through the same as you. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help; you’re not alone. Here’s what the experts from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention suggest if you are feeling lonely.

Take time for yourself: strengthening your mental health is also crucial during a pandemic like the one we are living. Besides the recommendations given by the WHO, we propose you to try on a technique we put in practice at the Kenko Dojo center: alternating hot & cold baths. This can be easily done at home and will help you rebalance your nervous system and help you relax your body and mind.

If you are finding it difficult to take care of yourself these days, we have started a holistic self-care challenge on our social media which might help you. We will keep posting reminders and useful tips to keep up with a healthy lifestyle during the upcoming weeks! We’d love to see you there and know how you are doing.