Sports & Dentistry project with FDI World Dental Federation

December 22, 2021

Sunstar partners with the World Dental Federation (FDI) to launch the ‘Sports & Dentistry’ guidelines. The project wants to draw attention to the relationship between oral health and sports performance and make oral care a priority for both professional and amateur athletes.

Under the ‘Sports & Dentistry’ project, there are four guidelines available, and each one targets to a specific public: amateur athletes, professional athletes, dentists and sports physicians, and sports organisations. All of them emphasise the causes and consequences poor oral health has on sports performance and include some recommendations to improve not only the oral condition but the overall well-being. Hence, this project highlights the basic oral care recommendations of the FDI for athletes – brushing the teeth twice a day, interdental brushing and mouthwash, and dental check-up twice a year – as well as diet recommendations to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Download the guidelines below

Toolkit for amateurs
Toolkit for athletes
Toolkit for organisations
Toolkit for dentists