Sunstar collaborates in environment cleaning activities throughout Japan

May 26, 2014

Employees at the Tokushima Plant of Sunstar Inc. again participated in the annual “Sea Cleaning Activity” in May this year .

In August, employees at the Yamanashi Plant of Sunstar Engineering Inc. also collaborated in the annual “Operation Mt. Fuji Beautification”.

In September, employees from the Takatsuki offices partook in the “Settsukyo Cleaning Hike” organized by the City of Takatsuki.

Later in the year in October, Sunstar initiated a joint project with the City of Takatsuki to create garbage bags using 100% recycled plastic waste from products such as toothpaste tubes.

Finally in November, employees from Takatsuki participated in the “Takatsuki Autumn Cleaning Day” where they cleaned the streets using Sunstar garbage bags.