Sunstar Interbros supports the welfare centre “Oberes Wiesental”

January 7, 2022

Optimization of daycare with a patient lift

The church welfare centre “Oberes Wiesental” has been entrusted by the health and nursing care insurance companies with the provision of outpatient nursing care for the approx. 17,500 inhabitants of the region “Oberes Wiesental” including the town of Zell. With more than 50 qualified employees, the welfare centre offers the entire spectrum of services, from care and help in the home, nursing, and geriatric care to palliative care at the end of life. Approximately 200 daily home visits – supplemented by counseling, training, and support for caregiving relatives – enable people in need of help and care to remain in the comfort of their own homes. Village helpers, daycare and a care group for dementia sufferers can provide additional relief. In addition, the welfare centre promotes and supports voluntary work for people in need of help and cooperates with all those in the catchment area who are dedicated to this task.

What is day care?

Daycare services can stabilize home care situations, because family caregivers can take time out to know that their loved ones are in good hands. Balancing work, family and care is not always easy. If you are looking after a relative in need of care, but you yourself are very busy with family or work, daycare can be a suitable option for your relative. People in need of care who use the services of a daycare facility continue to have their center of life in their own home.

What is a patient lift?

A practical lifting aid to make everyday care easier. Moving, repositioning and raising a patient in need of care whose mobility is severely restricted is either an enormous effort or not possible at all without aids. This is where a patient lift, also known as a “personal lift”, can provide relief. For example, a patient lift can be used to move the patient from the nursing bed to the wheelchair, toilet, or bathtub. Special “stand-up lifts” continue to help particularly heavy and immobile persons to stand up.

​​​​​​​ Sunstar Interbros sees the expansion of daycare as a good and important way of providing relief for relatives. Making patient lifts more accessible will make work in daycare easier for the caregivers and more professional for the patients. Here, too, our company motto is in the foreground. “We always strive to help people everywhere improve their health and enhance their quality of life.”

SUNSTAR Interbros – for strong care in the region

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