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A series led by experts and dedicated to health professionals

After the success of SUNSTAR CONVERSATIONS: healthy thinking series in 2020, we wanted to continue focusing on online education and expert knowledge sharing in 2021. That is how the concept of the SUNSTAR CONVERSATIONS PRO webinars was born: led by experts and dedicated to health professionals.

In line with the holistic philosophy of SUNSTAR, we decided to focus this series on the different mouth caring requirements throughout the lifespan and the conditions that may occur.

Each webinar will be dedicated to one specific life stage, from pregnancy to childhood, adulthood and finally the ageing period, and will involve two health experts who will share their experience and discuss their opinion on the specific topic.

SUNSTAR CONVERSATIONS PRO will take place every month until October and will end up with a special session about oral care tips for healthcare professionals. The month of November will be dedicated to a series about the relationships between oral health oral health and systemic health.

After the live stream, all the webinars will be available on our Sunstar Global YouTube channel.

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After the monthly conversations on the theme of oral health challenges through different life stages from the pregnant woman to the aging patient (re-watch here), a series of 2 special webinars will take place in November to tackle the interrelationships between oral health and general health, in conjunction with the Sunstar World Perio Research award.

Periodontal diseases have an impact on general health and vice-versa. A poor oral health is associated with diabetes, heart disease, pulmonary disease and more.

The Sunstar World Perio Research Award, established since 2003, aims to promote further research in the oral-systemic link to raise awareness around the world. Three winning papers are selected by a committee, formed by the representatives of leading international dental journals (Journal of Periodontology, Journal of Clinical Periodontology, Journal of Periodontal Research, Journal of Dental Research).

Join our 2nd session on November 18, 3:30pm CET to celebrate the 3rd winning paper on periodontal pathogens and oral cancer with Dr Manosha Perera and Dr Irosha Rukmali Perera, moderated by Dr Nicholas Jakubovics, editor-in-chief of the Journal of Dental Research.

When: November 18th, 2021 at 3:30pm CET (registration required)

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