Second Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative Symposium in Japan on Diabetes, Obesity, Oral Health and Nutrition to be held in Tokyo April 19, 2009

27 March 2009

As part of the programs of the Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative (JSDEI), jointly established by Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, and Sunstar to help more widely spread the latest clinically relevant and evidence-based information about the relationship between diabetes and nutrition and between diabetes and periodontal disease, the Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health Promotion (Location: Takatsuki City, Osaka; Chairman: Hiroo Kaneda) is hosting the second JSDEI Symposium in Japan, which is being co-sponsored by Sunstar Inc.

The Symposium, to take place in Tokyo on April 19, 2009, will explore the themes of “Linkages between Diabetes and Nutrition,” and “Diabetes and Periodontal Disease.” It is mainly targeted for doctors, dentists, nutritionists and nationally registered dietitians. Sunstar Inc. is sponsoring this Symposium. Joslin Diabetes Center is the world’s preeminent diabetes clinic, diabetes research center and provider of diabetes education. Sunstar is sponsoring a number of symposiums and seminars in Japan and the U.S., which are being organized by Joslin Diabetes Center.

Diabetes is a disease that now affects about 6% of the world’s adult population, and it is estimated that 246 million people have the disease worldwide. By the year 2025, the number of people with diabetes is forecast to reach 380 million people, a 64.7% increase over 2007. It is believed that the main reason for this growing diabetes epidemic in many countries is the rapid changes in lifestyle habits of recent years.

A major aspect of these changes is the shift that has taken place in eating habits, particularly in the types and volume of food intake. When a person’s high blood sugar condition continues over a long period of time because of diabetes, various complications such as retinopathy and nephropathy may occur and a person’s quality-of-life may deteriorate greatly. In the past few years, periodontal disease has come to be considered as one of the complications of diabetes. In order to maintain good oral health and systemic health by preventing the development of the complications of diabetes, including periodontal disease, the evidence is mounting that diet and nutrition may play a crucial role.

Influenced by this new thinking about the relationship between diabetes and oral health, Sunstar and Joslin Diabetes Center (Location: Boston, Massachusetts; President and CEO: Ranch C. Kimball), which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School, are together implementing an educational program – the Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative. The first JSDEI Symposium in Japan was held on January 31, 2009 in Osaka and 445 people participated.

For further information about the second JSDEI Symposium in Japan, which is to be held in Tokyo on April 19, 2009, please contact the Sunstar Inc. PR Department at: 21st Floor, Shibakoen First Building 3-8-2 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0014, Japan
TEL: 03-5441-1423 (within Japan), 813-5441-1423 (outside of Japan)
FAX: 03-5441-8778 (within Japan), 813-5441-8778 (outside of Japan)

Second JSDEI Symposium in Japan
April 19, 2009
9:20 a.m. – 17:10 p.m.
Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, Convention Center Goshiki 1-2 Kioicho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-8585 Japan TEL: 03-3234-1111 (within Japan), 813-3234-1111 (outside of Japan)
・Specificity of Diabetes by Race and Importance of Diet in Prevention and Cure
Dr. William C. Hsu, Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School
・Vision of Oral Regeneratal Remedy
~Impact of Systemic Illness on Paradentium Regeneraty~
Dr. Shinya Murakami, Osaka University Graduate School of Dentistry
・Reality and Challenges of Various Nutritional Guidance by Ethnic Background in the U.S.
Ms. Sophia Cheung, Joslin Diabetes Center
・Nutrition Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Dr. Atsunori Kashiwagi, Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital
・Frontier of Molecular Mechanism of Insulin Resistance and Type 2 Diabetes
Dr. Takashi Kadowaki, Graduate School of Medicine and Faculty of Medicine of the University of Tokyo
・Reality of Periodontal Disease as a Diabetes Complication
Dr. Robert J. Genco, State University of New York at Buffalo
・Actual Condition and Approaches of Diabetes Dietary Control
Dr. Kenichiro Shide, Kyoto University Hospital
・Vascular Oxidant Stress and Inflammation in Diabetes Complications
Dr. George L. King, Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School
No. of attendees:
Limited to about 600 applicants Fee: Free (with lunch provided)
How to apply to attend:
Please apply at the following site to attend the Symposium:, or
For inquiries regarding how to apply to attend, please contact:
Toptour Corporation, Streamline, Osaka Branch The Second JSDEI Seminar Secretariat Persons in charge: Miki Takahata, Kaori Yonezato, Kanako Miki
TEL: 06-6341-1925 (within Japan) or 816-6341-1925 (from outside Japan)
Sunstar Foundation for Oral Health Promotion
Joslin Diabetes Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School
Cooperating institutions:
Japanese Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan Medical Association, Japan Dental Association, Japan Promotion Council for Diabetes Prevention and Countermeasures, 8020 Promotion Foundation, Tokyo Medical Association, Tokyo Dental Association, Tokyo Promotion Council for Diabetes Prevention and Countermeasures, Japan Diabetes Society, (NPO) Japanese Society of Periodontology, and Japan Association for Diabetes Care and Education
Sunstar Inc.

* You can access the program and other relevant information about the second JSDEI Symposium in Japan, which will be held in Tokyo, at the following website:

JSDEI is the Diabetes Educational Initiative established by Joslin Diabetes Center, which is affiliated with the Harvard Medical School, and Sunstar to jointly carry out in Japan and the U.S. a series of 10 educational symposia and seminars on the themes of the interrelationships, prevention and treatment innovations and intervention methods for diabetes, obesity, oral health, nutrition and diet. The outline of the JSDEI is as follows:

Outline of JSDEI programs
1.Holding six symposia aimed at specialists (three in Japan, three in the U.S.), mainly for doctors, dentists, nutritionists, nationally registered dietitians, clinical nurses, and pharmacists
2.Producing educational tools using electronic media
3.Producing Japanese- and English-language handbooks and pamphlets for doctors, dentists and patients
4.Holding four seminars for Sunstar Group employees in Japan and the U.S.

Future scheduled symposia:
March 28, 2009 in Los Angeles
April 19, 2009, in Tokyo
May 2, 2009 in New York
An additional seminar will be held in Japan (date and location to be announced)

For more information about the various JSDEI programs and their schedules, please contact the Sunstar Inc, Public Relations Department (Tokyo):
TEL: 03-5441-1423 (within Japan), 813-5441-1423 (outside of Japan)
FAX: 03-5441-8778 (within Japan), 813-5441-8778 (outside of Japan)