New Sunstar Engineering Group Site and a complete renewal of Sunstar Engineering Inc.’s website (in Japanese)

27 April 2011

On April 18, 2011, Sunstar launches a global website (in English) for Sunstar Engineering Group. The global website will provide easy access for customers especially in English-speaking countries to learn more about the Sunstar Engineering Group, a Singapore-based corporation operating business around the globe. The website is also designed to serve as a gateway to Sunstar Engineering group companies worldwide.

On its front page, the global website features a world map and an entire view of skyscrapers, providing a visual representation of the group that operates business mainly in Singapore and various other locations worldwide, including Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Japan.

The entire website is designed mainly in a blue color scheme, our corporate color, with a simple screen layout and concise descriptions, aiming to build and familiarize our corporate brand image as a company that establishes solid, trustable relationships with all of our customers.

We are confident that this global website will help promote our corporate branding efforts while being the forerunner to other group companies’ websites in various countries.

With the introduction of the new website, the URL address for the global website for Sunstar Engineering Group has been changed to and the Japanese website for Sunstar Engineering Inc. has been moved to beginning April 18, 2011.

Please take this opportunity to visit the global website and Japanese website for Sunstar Engineering Group to take a closer look at the company. Change of URL addresses:Beginning April 18, 2011, the URL addresses for the websites have been changed to the following:

Global website for Sunstar Engineering Group:

Japanese website for Sunstar Engineering Inc.

● About global website for Sunstar Engineering Group:The website’s contents focus on four key messages: “About Sunstar Engineering Group,” “Business Fields,” “Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Global Network.” With the use of high-quality images in appropriate pages, the website strongly appeals the corporate image of Sunstar Engineering.

● About Japanese website for Sunstar Engineering: Inc.

(1) Placing great importance on our customers’ point of view, the new Japanese website will provide greater ease of use and an improved user experience for visitors.

(2) The new Japanese website will provide better representation of the company’s strength and brand image for visitors through its renewed design taste and contents.

(3) As many corporations are leveraging their websites to expand their businesses, we aim to improve the quality of our websites, not only in design taste but functionalities.