The 4th Sunstar World Perio Research Awards

20 June 2012

The winning papers were presented at EuroPerio 7, June 8,2012. A gala dinner and award ceremony were held the following evening in Vienna, Austria.

Here are the Award recipients :

1st Place: Morita T, Yamazaki Y, Mita A, Takada K, Seto M, Nishinoue N, Sasaki Y, Motohashi M, Maeno M. A Cohort Study on the Association Between Periodontal Disease and the Development of Metabolic Syndrome. Journal of Periodontology 2010; 81:512-519.

2nd Place: Morita I, Okamoto Y, Yoshii S, Nakagaki H, Mizuno K, Sheiham A, Sabbah W. Five-Year Incidence of Periodontal Disease Is Related to Body Mass Index. Journal of Dental Research 2011; 90:199-202.

3rd Place: Lalla E, Kunzel C, Burkett S, Cheng B, Lamster IB. Identification of Unrecognized Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes in a Dental Setting. Journal of Dental Research 2011; 90:855-860. Selection Committee: Chair, Robert Genco William Giannobile, Isao Ishikawa, Kenneth Kornman, Shinya Murakami, Jorgen Slots and Maurizio Tonetti