Solar Power Generated on the Roof of Interbros

08 February 2013

Since November 30th 2012, environmentally-friendly solar power has been generated on the roof of Interbros GmbH in Schönau. Together with a specialist company from Endingen, Germany, Interbros built one of the largest solar plants in the region. With an investment of more than € 750,000, the whole system was completed in only four weeks. The solar panels have been mounted in a way that makes it possible to attain optimum solar absorption capacity to do their eco-friendly work.

The aim of Interbros was to design a system which could produce enough solar energy to power all of their employees’ households. This ambitious goal has been accomplished, and today the solar energy system of Interbros provides around 600 kilowatts peak and can feed approximately 580,000 kWh of electricity from solar energy into the electricity grid per year.

SUNSTAR has made environmental protection one of our top priorities. Based on the company’s principle, “Always strive to help people everywhere achieve better health and enhance their quality of life,” we at SUNSTAR are committed to live in harmony with the environment and to contribute to achieve a sustainable global society. With the construction of this photovoltaic system, Interbros has made another important step in that direction.