New Global Headquarters Building in Etoy, Switzerland

26 May 2015

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Global Headquarters. The new Headquarters is located next to the previous building. Together they comprise the Sunstar Campus in Etoy, Switzerland.

CEO Masakazu Nakamura states, “We have invested in this new building, since Vaud is an ideal strategic and geographical location for our existing and future business model”.

The new building features a variety of office spaces including:

* Sunstar product showroom

* A multi-purpose atrium, with natural lighting, which can accommodate up to 190 people

* Kenko Dojo Holistic Health Center with a training area and Japanese bath

* Hoseido – a traditional Japanese style room for lectures and presentations.

The new building is a multi-functional Global Headquarters with emphasis on supporting existing businesses, developing talent within the Group, and promoting employee health and wellbeing, while fostering positive internal and external communication of the Japanese culture.