Sunstar Hosts World Perio Research Award Ceremony at EuroPerio 8

04 June 2015

Sunstar, an EFP Partner, will host the Sunstar World Perio Research Award Ceremony at EuroPerio8 (EP8) on Thursday 4th June. It will take place in the main auditorium after the plenary lecture. This is the 5th Award Ceremony held by Sunstar to celebrate research advances in oral and systemic health.

On Wednesday 3rd June, Sunstar will hold a symposium featuring recent research advances in the aforementioned field. Speaking at the Sunstar Symposium will be Dr. William Giannobile (USA), Dr. Maurizio Tonetti (Italy), and Dr. Kenneth Kornman (USA). They will be presenting on the themes of “Regenerative medicine available to periodontal patients”, “Periodontitis: oral and systemic effect”, and “The role of nutrition in severe periodontitis” respectively.

Presentation of the three award-winning papers will follow with the speech of Dr. Tan (1st place) from China, Dr. Jeffcoat (2nd place) from USA, and Dr. Caula (3rd place) from Brazil.

Also at EP8, Sunstar is screening a world premiere film “Cell-to-cell Communication-the Interlink between Oral Health and General Health” in collaboration with the Quintessenz Publishing Group. This will be at 9.45-10.00am on Thursday 4th June after the plenary lecture. The Sunstar Foundation is proud to be part of this project as it fully aligns with its educational initiatives that focus on the link between oral and general health to enhance health promotion, disease prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation.

In addition to its activities at EP8, Sunstar is holding a Joslin-Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative in Barcelona together with the Joslin Diabetes Center this November, where 350 experts in the field will gather for an all-day seminar. Again, this supports Sunstar’s focus on the link between oral and systemic health.