Sunstar Symposium and Award Ceremony at EuroPerio8

12 June 2015

Published by Dental Tribune International

LONDON, UK: Continuing to promote research on the association between periodontal disease and diabetes, oral and systemic health, the Sunstar Foundation has been organising scientific seminars around the world since 2008. Last week, during Sunstar’s EuroPerio8 sponsored sessions, international experts such as Dr. William Giannobile, USA, Dr. Maurizio Tonetti, Italy, and Dr. Kenneth Kornman, USA, lectured about the association between periodontitis, oral and systemic effects, as well as the role of nutrition in severe periodontitis and new regenerative medicine options for periodontal patients. Over 400 dental professionals attended the sessions.

As an EFP Partner, Sunstar also hosted the 5th World Perio Research Awards. These awards were successfully established in 2003 and this time the three winning papers were awarded to Dr. Lisi Tan (1st place) from China, Dr. Marjorie Jeffcoat (2nd place) from USA, and Dr. André Luis Caúla (3rd place) from Brazil. The award was designed to recognise research advances in oral and systemic health. Mayumi Kaneda, Sunstar’s Global PR Director, told Dental Tribune Online in London: “For the Sunstar Foundation it is very important to support researchers. I feel that this is our mission as a foundation and we really believe that it helps the development of science and will also translate to the patients in the end. The trophy for the prize was designed by the Italian designer Claudio Bellini. It symbolises an infinity sign and expresses our wish for researchers never to stop continuing their work. This trophy is also granted to winners of the Sunstar World Dental Hygienist Award for which the application deadline will be on the 31st December this year.”

“Sunstar is not only committed to supporting clinical studies and science, but we’re also committed to promoting education. Being seen as a partner in education at every stage is extremely important to us. We really want to help professionals become aware that, from the patient’s perspective, they are all key players when it comes to achieving a better quality-of-life, which is actually our foundation’s motto. We really believe in it—in all our efforts we have that goal in mind and one example is the project done in collaboration with Quintessence Publishing to produce the latest chapter of the “Cell to Cell Communication-Oral Health and General Health” animated video which was film premiered during EuroPerio8,” Ms. Kaneda stressed.

Sunstar also announced the 19th Joslin Sunstar Diabetes Education Initiative (JSDEI) session, the fourth in Europe, to be held on 6 November in Barcelona, Spain. After the success of the 2014 JSDEI seminar in Frankfurt, Germany, which was attended by a record number of 350 delegates, the next seminar will again focus on the latest cutting-edge research on the link between oral and systemic health which is still frequently underestimated, according to the organisers. The format of the meeting will encourage interaction between participants at the symposium delivered by distinguished speakers from Spain and the USA. Sunstar also mentioned the venue of the 20th JSDEI event which will be held in Singapore in January 2016.

Again, experts from the fields of general dentistry, periodontology, dental hygiene, diabetology, nutrition, internal medicine, and general medicine are expected to join from all over the world.

“Top key opinion leaders in the field of periodontology and the field of diabetology will be lecturing. The seminar is focused on promoting interaction between professionals; in fact, the interactive aspect is very, very important to us. We are trying to make everybody comfortable enough to ask questions as we really want to start discussions among these professionals,” Dr. Marzia Massignani, Scientific Affairs Manager at Sunstar, said.

In 2015, Sunstar will be introducing a new interactive concept of JSDEI to universities across Europe, whereby students will be able to take part in the form of a live webinar of the event, enabling a greater audience reach. “We are collaborating with key universities from different countries which include JSDEI on their education schedule. So far, the feedback has been very good and several universities have already agreed to be involved,” Dr. Massignani explained.

The seminar is supported by the Sunstar Group, the FDI World Dental Federation, and the Sociedad Española de Periodoncia y Osteointegración (the Spanish society of periodontology and osseointegration).

Dental professionals can learn more about and register for the events at