Sunstar sponsors an educational film on Cell-to-Cell Communication

17 June 2015

This time, the Sunstar Foundation is collaborating with Quintessence Publishing on an educational film titled “Cell-to-Cell Communication: Oral Health and General Health”. It is focused on oral health and general health, and the links between periodontitis, atherosclerosis, and diabetes.

As Mayumi Kaneda, the Director of the Sunstar Foundation and the Global Director of PR at Sunstar firmly states, “We really want to help professionals become aware that, from the patient’s perspective, they are all key players when it comes to achieving a better quality-of-life, which is actually our foundation’s motto. We really believe in it—in all our efforts we have that goal in mind and one example is the project done in collaboration with Quintessence Publishing to produce the latest chapter of the “Cell to Cell Communication-Oral Health and General Health animated video which was film premiered during EuroPerio8 (world’s leading conference in periodontology and implant dentistry).”

To begin with, a professional version has been launched in English, to be followed up in different languages and also in a more simplified version that can be shared with patients.

For a preview of the video, please click below: