SUNSTAR Japan wins the Gold Prize for The Contact Center World Award 2015

25 November 2015

The Contact Center World Award was established 10 years ago. It rewards the best practices and personnel of the Contact Center of a specific region and of the world. This year there were 1,600 entries from 50 countries and a third of the entities were selected on paper. The 1st and 2nd winners of the 3 regional (Asia, U.S., and Europe) competitions are qualified to compete at the Las Vegas World Award. In Las Vegas, 130 presentations from about 20 countries compete in 40 categories. The Contact Center Operation Sector had 25 entries from 12 countries, and they were divided into Small, Large, and Mega according to the size of the contact center. We won the Gold Prize in the Small Section.

We prepared our 2014 presentation on our activity, focusing on customer needs: ““Let’s hear the voice of our customers” our vocation for over three years” to suit the international presentation. Ms. Kazuko Yamane and Ms. Yumi Yamashita of Direct Sales Dept. executed the presentation.

After the session, a Canadian judge made a comment that our presentation was very interesting, and he took many notes, hoping to put them into practice in his country. A Malaysian manager asked us how we could continue our effort for years. A Thai manager praised our contents. People from all over praised SUNSTAR’s corporate culture.

Regarding awards given to other Japanese companies, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation won Silver Award in Outbound Campaign Sector. In the past, the Gold Prize winners from Japan were Softbank, SMBC Nikko Securities and NTT Marketing Act.

We owe our success to Mr. Yoshihiro Kaneda, CEO, and the people from the Singapore Office for their outstanding support, and we thank all the managers and colleagues of the corresponding section for providing us this opportunity.

Mr. Mitsuhiro Kariya, Ms. Yamane and Ms. Yamashita discussed until late hours after the Ceremony as to how we can develop this success in conveying SUNSTAR’S consumer focused corporate culture from this thrill and excitement.

It is only SUNSTAR who won both in the country (Japan) and overseas.

The international atmosphere gave us a precious opportunity to think why SUNSTAR always emphasizes the importance of a global point of view. We wish to convey our sincere gratitude to those giving us the opportunity to participate in The Contact Center Award.

(Reported by: Yumi Yamashita)