Using Sunstar Parts, Yoshimura Suzuki Dominates the First Three Races at 2016 MotoAmerica

28 April 2016

In the first three races, Toni Elias won first place and Roger Hayden second. Hayden finished in third place in the second round of the Road Atlanta. After the four races, Hayden ranked first and Elias second.

Image left: Runner-up Roger Hayden (L) and the Champion Toni Elias (R) on the podium of the season opener
Image upper right: Toni Elias (L) holding a brake disk made by Sunstar and season opener racing scene of Elias (R)
Image lower right: Season opener racing scene of Roger Hayden (L) and Hayden holding a brake disk made by Sunstar (R)

Sunstar’s racing brake disks, “Type-OMEGA”, capable of resisting temperatures of up to 650oC, were chosen as the brake disks for the front wheels of the bikes of both riders. The brake disks supported their riding with a stable braking performance, even under repeated braking at high temperatures, they cause little distortion.

In addition to the front brake disks, the rear brake disks and sprockets (toothed wheels for transmitting the driving force through the chain, on the engine, and rear wheel sides) are also made by Sunstar.

Sunstar provides racing brake disks, sprockets and brake pads to racing teams. This season, Sunstar-made parts have been adopted by 14 teams and 22 riders all over the world. The brake disks, made of stainless steel that is heat resistant up to 650oC, provide an excellent performance since their debut in 2010. This year, eight teams participating in the 2016 World Championship, Asia Championship, Japan Championship, and US Championship are utilizing them.

[Sunstar developed motorcycle racing brake disk “650oC heat resistant Type-OMEGA”]

– Sunstar developed the brake disks for motorcycle racing and supplies them exclusively for racing teams.

– Eliminates the bias of the heat capacity of the sliding part to suppress the generation of thermal deformation, heat cracking, and spot welding.

– Possesses a self-cleaning function at the time of brake pad wear by proprietary groove processing.

– Excellent controllability and stable braking force are secured by the above features.

– Responds to requests by teams regarding thickness and outer diameter.

– Suppresses the occurrence of distortions in the repeatedly conducted hard braking operation at a range of temperatures up to the disk maximum temperature of 650℃. This is achieved by adopting the ultra-high heat resistant stainless steel exclusive for braking developed in collaboration with material manufacturers, sustaining a stable brake feeling from the start to the end of the race.

*“Type-OMEGA” range includes general heat resistant models and 650oC heat resistant models

[Sunstar racing parts topic: Launch and expansion of the brake pads]

We have developed and improved brake disks providing stable braking performance even in high temperature environments to racing team riders who accept no compromise in braking performance. We also developed 650℃ heat resistant brake pads (image) to fully leverage the performance of brake disks and commercialized them. After the debut at the 2014 Suzuka 8 Hours Endurance, six teams adopted the combination of 650oC heat resistant brake disks and exclusive brake pads this season.

[Sunstar Brake disks and sprockets: manufacturer and aftermarket custom parts]

We entered the business of disk parts for motorcycles in the 1960s, and continue to supply brake disks and sprockets as OEM parts to motorcycle manufacturers. In 1993, we started to sell replacement parts for commercial use and accessories for 12 domestic and overseas motorcycle manufacturers.

Although the racing brake disk “Type-OMEGA” is not commercially available, the “Works Expand” series (image) incorporating the same design concept is very popular.

[The Origins of Sunstar]

The origins of Sunstar date back to 1932 as a manufacturer and vendor of bicycle parts and rubber glue for repairing flat tires. By packaging toothpaste in the metal tube containers used for rubber glue, the company gained popularity. This became the company’s core business, which has now expanded into the Oral Care and the Health & Beauty sectors. The bicycle parts and rubber glue businesses evolved into the SE Company, including components such as brake disks and sprockets for vehicles, and the adhesive agents and sealants business for industrial uses.

[About the SE Company of the Sunstar Group]

The Sunstar Group is made up of three business companies: the Oral Care Company, Health & Beauty Company, and SE Company. Corporate Management takes charge of global governance and administrative functions under the holding company Sunstar SA in Etoy, Switzerland. Each business company manages R&D, marketing, manufacturing, and sales by business area.

The SE Company conducts businesses in the Chemical (adhesive agents and sealants for automobile and construction) and Motorcycle sectors (manufacturing and sales of OEM/aftermarket brake disks and sprockets for motorcycle, fine blanking parts for automobile, and brake disks for EVs). The headquarter office of the SE Company is located in Singapore.

*The name of SE Company is derived from its former name “Sunstar Engineering”

M. Yoshida / Y. Shinagawa, in charge of SE Company, Sunstar Group TEL: +81-77-562-6771

Public Relations, Corporate Management, Sunstar Group TEL: +81-3-5441-1423 FAX: +81-3-5441-8778

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