Sunstar Innovation Grant Announced at the AAP 2016 Annual Meeting

10 October 2016

The first Sunstar Innovation Grant will award $30,000 to an AAP member whose research will be presented at the AAP’s 2017 Annual Meeting in September 2017. Grant applications must address the following objectives:

1. Innovative treatments and research that serve to alleviate the high burden of periodontitis on the U.S. population.

2. Interdisciplinary team approaches to treating patients with periodontal disease that focus efforts on preserving the patient’s natural dentition, particularly among patients at risk.

3. Novel approaches to achieve patient compliance with oral hygiene instruction/treatment plans using modern, evidence-based diagnostics and modern patient education tools during and between dental visits.

At the signing ceremony the AAP’s President, Dr. Aldredge, signed on the Academy’s behalf and Ms. M. Kaneda signed on Sunstar’s behalf.

Left to right: Ms. M. Kaneda (Sunstar Foundation) and Dr. Aldredge (AAP)

AAP and SAI Leadership at the Sunstar Innovation Grant Signing Ceremony

(Reported by: Marie A. Wilson)