Continued cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO): Over 1 million toothbrushes donated to developing countries

31 October 2016

Also, the Sunstar Group has continued donations of toothbrushes to developing countries in collaboration with the WHO since 2002.

Recent activities include donations of 80,000 toothbrushes to the “SOS Children’s Village” that international NGOs operate in Rwanda (Africa) in 2015. This was done to support the health initiative Basic Packages of Oral Care (BPOC) for children in the framework of the WHO/UNICEF “Health Promoting School” strategy in Rwanda.

In 2016, donations were provided to the Myanmar Maternal and Child Welfare Association (MMCWA). This was done to support the promotion of oral health education for children attending the daycare centers of the Association and also for the Association’s maternity homes. A total of 100,000 children’s toothbrushes and 1000 adults’ toothbrushes together with toothpaste were granted.

Please find more information and pictures on these recent activities in the news article on this website: WHO Donations in Rwanda and Myanmar 2015-2016.

The plan is to continue providing donations in cooperation with the WHO in the years to come.