Sunstar announces acquisition of part of U-VIX Corporation

30 June 2017

On Friday, June 30, as a part of the expansion of its indoor air quality improvement business, Sunstar Engineering Inc. “Sunstar” concluded a basic agreement on the acquisition of part of U-VIX Corporation’s business operations. U-VIX Corporation is a manufacturer of UV curing equipment and photocatalyst-related products. The acquisition will be completed on Friday, September 1.

Sunstar is involved in the indoor air quality improvement business. U-VIX Corporation, in contrast, produces disinfection equipment and odor eliminators employing oxidized titanium as a photocatalyst. The company owns intellectual properties including the patent and trademark for a photocatalyst supporting system. We expect synergistic effects that result from joint developments and/or business expansion through technical cooperation between the two parties.

1. About the acquisition

U-VIX Corporation*1 will split its business through an incorporation-type company split and set up a new U-VIX Corporation*2.The new U-VIX Corporation*2 will become a subsidiary of Sunstar with Sunstar owning all its shares.

U-VIX Corporation*1: Changes its name to Cavian Corporation after incorporation-type company split.
U-VIX Corporation*2 will become the new U-VIX Corporation after incorporation-type company split.

2. Profile of U-VIX Corporation*1

3. Profile of newly established U-VIX Corporation*2

4. Schedule for the share assignment agreement

About Sunstar Engineering Inc.

Sunstar Engineering Inc. is a member of the Sunstar Group and an unlisted company. It has the same origin as Sunstar Inc., which manufactures and sells a range of consumer goods including oral care products, health foods and beauty-related products. Sunstar Engineering’s core business is the production and distribution of industrial goods such as adhesives, sealing materials and motorcycle parts, and it develops consumer goods by applying these skills.

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