Sunstar participates in the Diabetes Experience Day, the most important meeting of diabetic people in Spain

18 April 2018

Sunstar has participated for the second consecutive year in the 5th edition of Diabetes Experience Day, held on April in Barcelona, Spain.

This event is one of the most relevant meetings dedicated to diabetes in the country, and its target is mainly patients and their families. Besides, Sunstar is the only company dedicated to oral care that joins this event as an expert in the relationship between oral health and diabetes. More than 1.500 people have attended this event willing to learn how to improve the control of their diabetes and to know the latest news related to this disease.

This year, Sunstar has participated with a booth at the exhibition and with a great offer of educational workshops to show children oral care guidelines. In detail, about one-hundred diabetic children have joined these workshops and learned how to take care of their mouth with Sunstar GUM® products as well as why having good oral health can help them to control their diabetes.

Also, Sunstar has surveyed the visitors to know more about habits and knowledge regarding oral health; the results show that 70.83% of them understand the relationship between diabetes and oral health. However, 12.5% admit that they only go to the dentist when they have discomfort in their mouth. As Carolina Martín, Sunstar Iberia Manager, explains: “Although more and more people know the relationship between oral health and diabetes, these data show that we still have a long way to go until everyone sees oral care as an essential part of a diabetic patient routine. Therefore, we must continue raising awareness about it and researching to develop products that help diabetic patients”.

This is, in fact, the objective of a virtual reality video developed by Sunstar which shows the bidirectional relationship between periodontal disease and diabetes.

This educational virtual trip has been one of the most appealing activities for the attendants and both, children and adults have enjoyed this impressive virtual reality video as well as understood better the link between both diseases.

Furthermore, the company has given free samples of brushes and toothpaste as well as oral care guidelines to all the visitors to help them improve their oral health.