Innovation takes over Sunstar’s headquarters

17 May 2018

SUNSTAR has hosted Innosquare, a meeting to bring closer innovation to companies

innosquare chez sunstar

Over 200 representatives from remarkable swiss companies and research teams have attended this event, organised by the Foundation Inartis along with the HES-SO.

The session has focused on two leading technologies, Diagnostic Biochips and 3D bioprinting, that may offer several solutions to actual market needs. Some of the projects presented have been : alternative and reliable models for in vitro testing; automated miniaturised lab using the lab on chip technology; wheelchair for paraplegic patients with sensors to monitor and stimulate more movement to improve users QoL; real-time drug screening to tailor drug dosage to specific metabolic performance improving drug efficiency as well as patient outcome; industrial multi-nozzle inkjet technology for next-generation tissue engineering using automatised bioprinting production; a technology that can improve cochlear implants; portable spectrophone to analyse the water pollution, among others.

According to the Foundation Inartis, to select these projects above others they all accomplish three significant characteristics: a mature technological plan, the freedom-to-operate in several fields, and the potential impact on the Swiss industry. As a result, all the presentations were very market-oriented, and the attendees were able to realise the potential application of these technologies into their business’ field generating lively discussion during the networking lunch. Moreover, all projects came with prototypes almost ready to apply on the market, so Innosquare has ended up creating powerful synergies between academic and professional world.

Thinking of our mission in Sunstar and our multifaceted approach in our portfolio, going from oral care and nutrition products to construction materials as well as automotive tools, we were extremely inspired today.

At Sunstar, we have been very proud to host this event and be part of this swiss innovation programme. In the Health Valley region is clear that we have competences to exploit, technology to apply and companies able to market those opportunities, so we must bring innovation to the public.

Furthermore, we have appeared on the Swiss press as a key player in innovation field. Click here to read more.

We are an ambassador of the Health Valley and a leading innovation company operating in three sectors: oral care, health and beauty, and safety and environment. We believe in taking care of our body and mind from a holistic point of view, so we are continually searching for new solutions to build a better tomorrow with a people-centric approach.