Last call to participate in the World Dental Hygienist Awards

04 December 2018

There is only a month left to participate in the World Dental Hygienist Award (WDHA). These awards are organised by the SUNSTAR Foundation and supported by the International Symposium on Dental Hygiene (ISDH) every two years to recognise dental hygienists who have made significant contributions in the field.

Entries will be accepted until 14th January 2019, and all applications must be self-submitted through the online form. The World Dental Hygienist Awards are presented at every ISDH to a person or group chosen by an independent Selection Committee. Therefore, the 2019 awards will be presented in Brisbane, Australia.

The World Dental Hygienist Awards are divided into two categories, research and activity/project. Besides, they are targeted to professionals but also to students. As JoAnn Gurenlian, President of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists, explains: These awards are an excellent opportunity to give visibility to a crucial profession in the oral health field. Unfortunately, the Dental Hygienist role is often underrated while is key to show patients how to maintain a proper oral care routine, and to detect some oral problems at earlier stages.’

The SUNSTAR Foundation has been promoting better oral health around the world for over thirty years. Also, it has been contributing to research and raising awareness about the two-way relationship between oral health and general health, particularly about periodontal disease and diabetes. Therefore, during all these years, the Foundation has recognised and supported all the players in the oral health field spanning from researchers, dentists and periodontists to dental hygienists and patients.