Sunstar Suisse SA announces its acquisition from BMG Pharma S.p.A. of GelX® for the treatment and prevention of oral mucositis

10 March 2019

Sunstar, a multi-national healthcare company based on oral care announces the acquisition from BMG Pharma S.p.A. of the innovative cancer supportive care product, GelX®. Through this acquisition Sunstar gains global distribution of this product line, expanding its position as a global leader in the development and commercialisation of oral healthcare products, mainly marketed under the GUM brand.

BMG Pharma S.p.A, an innovative speciality pharmaceutical company, will invest the proceeds from this transaction into the rapid development completion of a number of new patent-protected products with topical, subcutaneous dermatology, osteoarthritis and oral care applications, which it will be able to offer to its network of global marketing partners.

Takeshi Kamigouchi, CEO of Sunstar Suisse SA, commented– “We are proud and excited to distribute the superior product GelX ® to make the difference in cancer patients’ oral conditions globally. Our purpose is to develop and provide products and services that promote mouth & body concept to extend people’s healthy lifespan and improve their quality of life. GelX ® is truly expected as a product that plays a key role that demonstrates we are the purpose driven company.”

Marco Mastrodonato, CEO of BMG Pharma S.p.A., commented– “I have been partnering with Sunstar since 2002 with a win-win partnership in the oral care segment and at BMG are very proud to be the development and provider partner to a global oral care market leader. This is an important step for the company, bringing a strategic investment which represents a significant growth opportunity by allowing focus on the rapid completion of a number of products in our pipeline with unique propositions.