Sunstar Group's 2024 Business Report is Now Available!

29 April 2024

Our FY2023 Business Report is now published, offering stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the company's performance in the face of global challenges. Amid economic volatility and societal uncertainties, Sunstar Group maintained its focus on core values and responsibilities.

Navigating through rising energy and raw material costs, as well as geopolitical tensions, Sunstar Group demonstrated resilience across consumer and industrial sectors while upholding Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) commitments.

Key Report Highlights:

Consumer Business: The GUM brand experienced growth in Latin America, North America, and Europe, driven by increased awareness of oral care's importance.

Industrial Business: Sunstar Group witnessed organic sales and profit growth across all segments, with notable success in the automotive adhesive business, supporting industry decarbonization efforts.

Sustainability Initiatives: Measures to reduce carbon footprint included adopting plant-based materials for mouthwash bottles in Japan and installing solar panels at facilities in Germany and Singapore.

ESG Commitment: Sunstar Group reaffirmed its dedication to addressing environmental and social challenges through business restructuring and fostering a culture of responsibility.

As Sunstar Group approaches its centennial milestone, we remain committed to advancing long-term vision and environmental goals, pledging to continue its leadership role in sustainability.

Stakeholders are encouraged to explore the detailed insights and achievements outlined in the 2023 Business Report, fostering collaboration towards a sustainable future.

Download now the 2024 Sunstar Group Report!