Sunstar Conversations with GUIDOR: ridge preservation


Sunstar GUIDOR is pleased to announce that Dr Angelo TROEDHAN will be hosting a live webinar on 08 July 2020 from 5-5.45 pm (CET). 

Dr Toedhan will be the host of the 1st GUIDOR webinar in the series on ridge preservation. 

His lecture “Basics in bone morphology, Physiology and GBR” will cover the following main points: 

  • How bone healing/regeneration works and how autologous bone and biomaterials osseointegrate 
  • Cases of ridge preservation with and without implants 
  • Alveolar ridge reconstruction in one-stage implant procedures. 

Don’t forget the 2 following GUIDOR webinars on ridge preservation:  

– 14th July 2020 from 5-5.45 pm (CET) with Dr Luigi CANULLO 

 21 July 2020 from 5-5.45 pm (CET) with Dr Christian HOLLAY 

More details to come!