Implementation of measures regarding COVID-19 outbreak

13 March 2020

Due to the volatility of the situation, the health of the Sunstar Group employees and their families must be given top priority. At the same time, we need to fulfil our obligation as a company and ensure the continuity of our business also in these difficult conditions. To be able to do so, we must ensure that we:

1. Thoroughly implement all possible preventive measures and

2. Take all necessary actions to minimize damage in case of infection

Specifically, we have implemented the following measures since the beginning of March:

  1. General travel ban on all overseas business trips
  2. Encouraging working from home whenever is possible.
  3. Limitation of all domestic business trips
  4. Recommendation to cancel or postpone events sponsored or organized by Sunstar.
  5. Limitation of face to face meetings to important purposes that require physical presence:
    1. Limitation of the number of people assembling to the minimum required. Recommendation for using online platforms to hold meetings or open space areas wherever possible.
  6. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle
    1. Maintaining necessary hygiene measures such as frequent hand washing, keeping a distance from sick people, keeping calm and monitoring health conditions, individually and for family members.

In these difficult times, we highly encourage you to stay safe to protect yourself and the community. Please refer to the following resources for further information regarding the Covid-19 situation.

Stay updated following the World Health Organisation updates